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Collectible Art Series #1

Poster #1

Poster #2

Poster #3

Poster 4

Available September, 2004

Greg Reinel
Mike Murphy
James Decker
Jason Goad


Poster 5

Available November, 2004

Dan Grzeca
Jeff Kleinsmith
Tyler Stout
Shawn Wolfe is teaming up with Diesel Fuel Prints to create a series of screenprinted posters! The goal is to bring multiple designers together, produce a high quality series of prints that will benefit all of the designers, and sponsors positively.

The Plan

Each poster is a collaboration of 4 designers / artists. We would like to see many different styles and techniques pulled together to produce unique prints.

*NOTE - We would prefer to bring people together with differing styles and geographic location. We are not looking for groups that currently work together as a team. It would be nice to see 4 designers from all over the world, who have never worked together before.

The design, subject matter and colors are completely up to the group. We would like to see all 4 designs combine to bring the image together. In other words, each square should not be treated as an individual design .. but 1/4 of it.

Each poster will be divided into 4 imaginary quadrants. This should give you an idea of the possible layout:


- Each poster will be a limited edition of 150 screenprinted posters (approx. 24" x 34")

- Each designer will receive 15 prints to sign and sell independantly. The remaining prints will be for sale on

- All posters will be signed and number by Andy Stern of Diesel Fuel Prints. It would be too costly to ship the posters around to get the signatures of all 4 designers. Some posters may be signed by some of the designers at events such as Flatstock.

- The group will choose up to 5 Pantone uncoated colors to use as a standard. All 4 designers must use the same colors.

- If you choose to use halftones, they must be 25 lines per inch (LPI) or less.

- Finished art must be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop - each color on a seperate layer
  • TIFF - each color on a seperate layer

- All images must be 300 DPI or higher.


The organization and collaboration is completely up to the group. You may choose to have 1 person do a section, email it to the next person, who adds their section and passes it on etc. Or all 4 can work independantly, and one person combines all 4 into the finished product.


Each designer is free to use whatever method they wish to create their section.

Examples: hand illustrated, digital, photocopy cut & paste, mixed media, photography, etc.

The finished product must use the chosen 5 Pantone uncoated colors, and the image must be screenprintable.


- The finished product may have a border if you wish.

- The quadrant shape can be changed, but we must be informed ahead of time.

How To Apply For Poster 6

Designers interested in participating must form groups of 4 themselves. Remember - try to bring together designers with different styles.

Each group must submit a proposal containing the following information:

  • The names and email addresses of all 4 designers
  • A description of the proposed subject matter
  • A description of what each designer is going to do
  • The name and email of the primary contact who will be submitting the final combined design

***Submit as many more proposals as you like, with any group combinations.

***Designers for chosen groups are no longer valid for other posters in the series

Deadline: You may submit proposals until October 15, 2004. We will announce the chosen group shortly after.

The chosen group must have the artwork completed by January 15th, 2004. Poster #6 should be available mid-February.

DO NOT submit a proposal if you can not have the finished art submitted by the deadline.

Email your proposal to

The group will be chosen by Clayton Hayes ( and Andy Stern (Diesel Fuel Prints).

By submitting a proposal, you are agreeing and bound to these rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, email