So this is just a little nit-picky thing, but I thought I'd mention it in case anybody else has ever said anything about it.

When I want to browse all the new arrivals, I start on the GP homepage, click on the "more" link at the end of the line of new arrivals there at the top, then it takes me to the pages with all the poster thumbnails on it, right? Then I click on a poster i want to look more closely at, let's say I make a comment on it, but then here's where my suggestion comes in...

once I make a comment on a poster, it seems like the only way to get back to the page with all the new arrivals thumbnails is to either hit the back button on my browser a few times or to click back to the GP homepage and start over, which is annoying if I forget which page of new arrivals thumbnails I was on. I prefer not to have to look through each and every poster (by hitting "next") in order to browse the new stuff.

Point being, I feel like there should be a more prominent link to the new arrivals thumbnail viewing area.

That's all!