Hey guys- I'm posting this on behalf of my friend Kyle Johnson who runs Bumperactive.com He's a stand-up guy, and has always done right by me!-
Note- the decal of mine he refrences is something we threw together for the proposal to the McCracken campaign kinda last-minute...

Here's his pitch-

Hello Austin Artists:

The make-your-own-bumper-sticker website Bumperactive.com has a project
for Austin artists (sorry, must be local) proficient in the school of
early 21st century American street propaganda!

Bumperactive is working with Austin artists to develop a series of
ten-or-so "fine art" bumper stickers in support of Brewster McCracken's
campaign for mayor. The details: Each artist develops one sticker
touching on a different campaign theme. The sticker is then displayed on
our McCracken stickers webpage under the artists name. The artist
provides a four sentence explanation (or so) of their process for
creating the sticker, and possibly why they chose that particular topic.
The page also includes a photo of the artist and a link to artist's web
page *AND* artist earns half of all profits from the sale of their stickers.

(The stickers will be retailing through the website for $2 each (1-3
stickers) $1.50 each (4-14 stickers) and $1.00 each (15+ stickers). They
cost us $.50 to print and ship, so you'll be making $.75 from each $2
sticker, $.50 from each $1.50 sticker and $.25 from each $1 sticker)

We are specifically interested in stickers that can illustrate
Brewster's committment to austin neighborhoods, renewable energy, and
the music and hi-tech (geek) community. If interested, we can talk with
you further to flesh out campaign themes.

Our digital inkjet printing process allows for full-color photo images,
and also contour cuts of the stickers into irregular shape if requred.
Generally, we're looking for either 3"x11" stickers or 5"x5" stickers.
The link below is to the "Artists for McCracken" sticker created by
local comic book artist Tim Doyle, and I think it fairly shows the range
of possibilities -- it's a mixed media collage of one of Tim's drawings
and a photo image of his hand drawing it:


I love this sticker because I think it really pushes beyond traditional
expectations of what a sticker can be. If you think you can also come up
with something that can expand the possibilities of the medium, and want
to try your hand at civic politics, please let me know by writing
directly to kyle@bumperactive.com, subject line: McCracken Bumper Stickers

The election is 30 days away. We're hoping to launch by next week (by
4/17 at the latest) We don't have to have all the submissions by then,
but would like to have as many as possible. Thanks much for your
interest, Best,

Kyle Johnson-