All of you LA folks should really go check out this show tonight.
EARTHLESS 03-07-2009 210 at Warehouse Deth
2316 Porter st, Los Angeles, 90021

EARTHLESS-BLACK COBRA-ETERNAL ELYSIUM & MOAB Reek Slashery & Brain Meltery....donít miss out on Sweetness!!!
I saw this show last night (minus MOAB) an the Ken Club in San Diego. It was amazing. There was pretty much nobody there for Black Cobra, who gave up their supporting slot to open for Eternal Elysium who are from Japan. The Black Cobra dudes wanted them to get the exposure, as they might not be back any time soon. Great guys and they are an intense two-piece who played a thunderous set for those of us smart enough to show up early. EE was also great with some heavy stoner riffs laced with spaced out jams. Then Earthless absolutely destroyed. They are by far the best San Diego band in a really long time. They played two songs, I think they were on for about an hour and a half. It was NEVER boring, these guys are tight as fuck. Unreal rhythm section and their drummer (ex-RFTC) punishes his set the entire time. Okay, go check them out for yourself.