It has begun. . . For my early birthday present, this Thursday May 11th, I will spin the MELVINS HOUDINI LIVE 2005 in its entirety. That's right folks! Just like the old days when radio stations were good and concert tickets were $10 too see Judas, Maiden, AC/DC and so on. So please invite everyone online to hear the album that's considered as one of thee most influential albums of our time. Many bands started up when they first heard Houdini back in 1993 and also a cult following had begun. Spread the word for the listening party of our time, MELVINS HOUDINI LIVE 2005 in its entirety. Your grandchildren will surely appreciate it. Goto and click on the radio tower. My radio show starts at 4PM (PST). Mandatory MELVINS at 4PM SHARP! Cheers!

Naked Rob
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