An Interview with a Patriot
(Well, two Patriots really, but who's counting?)
By Amy Dalness
It's amazing that with over 1,100 bands playing various shows all over Austin during South by Southwest, the Albuquerque crew always seemed to find each other. On my must-see list was the New Mexico Music Showcase and performances by the three Burque bands playing sanctioned showcases: Beirut, A Hawk and a Hacksaw and The Gingerbread Patriots.

After the sleep deprivation started to wear off, I caught up with Megan Mcgaughy and John Brophy of The Gingerbread Patriots at a Sunday afternoon house partyŚcomplete with cardboard floors, a keg in the corner and a performance by New Zealand's Ryan McPhun and the Ruby Suns. I cornered John and Megan in the back room to ask them a few questions about SXSW, only to discover their plans for relocation.

How's your South By Southwest experience been? Did you see a lot of music?

JB: Yeah. It was harder than last year. We didn't get in to every band we wanted to see because there were long lines. We did end up seeing a lot of great bands, like Ariel Pink, Elf Power and Six Nick Noltes, but we didn't plan on seeing them. We just happened upon them and they were great. Earlimart was pretty cool. We never got a chance to see the Flaming Lips ... well, Jeshua [Brophy] did. I envy him. I wanted to see them, but we had one badge and he got it that night....

Do you guy check out at anything in the conference center?

JB: No, we didn't go to any of the talks or any of the workshops or stuff. We did go to Flatstock. It's really bad, because you want to spend so much money. There's so many awesome posters and artists. We walked out with a good pile of stuff. That was fun. I wanted to go to some of the talks, but it was hard enough to fit music into our schedule let alone talks.

Well, that's cool that Flatstock was the best thing these guys did or saw during sxsw.