YES! Today I did a tribute to thee best fuckin band to walk this fucked up world, the MELVINS. Tim Moss, a good friend of the guys called in and said hello. Then Dale Crover called out of the blue. Dale talked about a "LIVE" Houdini album coming as well as a full length. Can't wait for '06. That call was a fuckin feeling I can only express it by playing "Honey Bucket" to you. Anyway, three hours is not enough time to spin all their shit. I only did the studio full lengths. Imagine the singles, cover songs, live tracks and so much other crap. I need six hours to be honest. Anyway, It was an honor to spin the MELVINS for three hours. Next year will be the b-sides. Here is my playlist of the tribute show. Happy Holidays. . . weirdos. Cheers!

December 22, 2005

*#2 Pencil *Snake Appeal *Show off your red hands / 10 Songs (1986) CZ RECORDS
*Kool Legged *Raise A Paw *Revulsion We Reach / Ozma (1989) Boner Records
*Eye Flys *Glow God *Flex With You / Gluey Porch Treatments (1986) ALCHEMY
*Boris *Zodiac *Your Blessened / Bullhead (1991) Boner Records
*Wispy *Antioxidote *Hog Leg / Eggnog (1991) Boner Records
*Hung Bunny *Roman Bird Dog / Lysol (1992) Boner Records
*Night Goat *Joan of Arc *Teet / Houdini (1993) Atlantic Records
*Skweetis* Queen *Sweet Willy Rollbar / Stoner Witch (1994) Atlantic Records
*The Bit *the bloat / Stag (1996) Atlantic Records
*Mombius Hibachi / Honky (1997) Amphetamine Reptile Records
*The Horn Bearer / The Maggot (1999) Ipecac Recordings
*Toy / The Bootlicker (1999) Ipecac Recordings
*Smells Like Teen Spirit / The Crybaby (2000) Ipecac Recordings
*Youth of America (The Wipers) / Electroretard (2001) Mans Ruin Records
*Black Stooges / Hostile Ambient Takeover (2002) Ipecac Records
*Pink Bat / Pigs of the Roman Empire (2004) IPECAC RECORDINGS
*The Lighter Side of Global Terrorism (extended space-melt version) / Sieg Howdy!