Hello guys.
We're happy to present You our last creation: Supernatural Cat.
It's the brand new Malleusdelic record label, born into millions of difficulties but at the end... it's born...
As You can imagine supernatural cat has to be considered a different way of thinking a record label: we've started considering the record like an handicraft piece, and we've given a different value to the packaging of the music, creating a limited and numbered collectible items, applying the poster-art idea to a phonografic support. All the cds and Lps have handmade silkscreened covers, packaging of the first issue are totally cool, on black heavy paper, silkscreened and numbered in gold ink.
We've also worked on a dvd in which the entire music has become visuals, a soundscape section

The first realease is the new work of ufomammut, "Lucifer songs" in collaboration with the english label Rocket recordings.
It'll be out in cd+dvd and lp+dvd.

We're totally destroyed by the printing work and packaging of the cds and lps, but looking at them we're totally happy of the result!
If you want check out www.supernaturalcat.com

I'll post some pics soon