I went to this show tonight not really knowing what to expect. I'm speechless at how fucking good it was. There was no geriatric coasting at all. The band machine-gunned through a killer no-bullshit set of all their should've-been hits that simply kicked ass. David and Sylvain were perfect and the band looked great. Steve Conte, the guitarist filling Thunders' shoes, must have been channeling Johnny or something , cause he was laying the shit down. The rest of the line-up including Sami Yaffa from Hanoi Rocks were excellent. Very together but plenty of rawness and a whole lot of fun. I'm a hard crit when it comes to 'reunion' gigs like this. But I will tell anyone here who loves the Dolls to DEFINITELY go see this line up if they hit your town.

I spoke to the band afterwards, who were just super cool, and they're recording a new record for Roadrunner. This is one show I'm really proud to have designed a poster for.