Well I wake up and the wife say's let's spend the day together. So me being the nice guy that I am take my wife shopping.

But wait, there is more. We start walking around and she say's hey didn't you need to look for a computer for your shop. I say yes so off we go to best buy. I was going to do the wally world thing but figured I would check out best buy.

It was great, I got a computer to do all my transparancies for my screens. Once I get my rebates back I will have only spent 250.00 totall on the computer.

If that aint all, the guy who sold me the computer want's me to do his gig poster.

We get back into town and I stop by my adopted parents house to beg my dad for some free wood. We get to talking and asked me what was up and after telling him, he say's hey I have a screen table some guy gave me about a year or two ago. He pulls it out and attached to it are 3 sets of jiffy clamps I believe but they are huge. All in perfect condition. Atleast worth 20.00 a pair. I am totally stoked.

I am so glad I was a nice guy and took the wife shoping.

Pictures comming soon of my 150.00 a month shop with 40.00 a month utilities.

I just hope I can find the work.

P.S. Anyone know what to charge this guy for his posters??? 8" X 10" Matte paper, black and white and he is providing the art work?

Thanks guy's. Also if I need help with jobs that I can not do, I will pass on the wealth.



"Blatant Graphix"