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    Default did i destroy my screen? and how..?

    so i make my first attempt at printing with vinyl ink earlier tonight, and everything goes really really well, excellent run of prints, no clogging, no problems (printing on glossy mylar).
    once finished, i carefully scooped all the excess ink back into the can, and removed the clear packing tape that covered all of my screen save for the image (approx. 7"x7" in the center of a 20"x24" frame). This allowed for very easy cleanup of what vinyl ink remained on the screen.
    once the screen was clean and dry again, i sprayed on emulsion remover and scrubbed the shit out of the screen, as i do every time i reclaim. except this time, when i went to spray out the screen, only the outer edges would wash out. so now i have a mucky fucked up screen...and i cant figure out what to do.

    my theories:
    1. something in the vinyl ink is incompatible with my emulsion (ulano TZ-mixed today)
    2. the tape i used (which was a new roll, generic brand) left some kind of invisible residue that bonded with the emulsion and locked it in the screen.

    but i really dont know.
    so can anyone help?

    i have a few specific questions..
    tape- what the fuck kind of tape can i use on my screens without having problems?? i have had tape problems for years and never found anything that works well except for the expensive red shit.
    haze remover- i have been using some fran mar soy based hippy haze remover that works ok but isn't great. i doubt it will even scratch the surface of this mess. so, whats the fuckin nastiest, most foul and effective gel dehaze i can get and where?

    any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

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    Jun 2003


    are you using a power washer?

    if not, you should be,

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    Default power?

    i am definitly using a power washer...i usually have no trouble with reclaiming...i normally print with water based and plastisol inks...

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    Aug 2003
    Van Isle BC Canada


    some suggestions;

    1. I think TZ is for waterbase. I think vinyl inks (or certain solvents) react with it and harden it. I remember this from like 1987 when we printed a lot of speeedball textile, then made the mistake of cleaning with laquer thinner. so I might be mistaken on this.

    2. You need some dehaze with juice. There are a few different. I have used NewScreenII, and some other similar I get from my suppliers (willox in Vancouver, and Calgary). This stuff is very hot, it lt will burn you. Also, some dehazers the longer they stay on, the more they break down - how long are you letting it sit? try longer.

    3. the glue on tape...I buy some really cheap stuff in 6 packs at the Stupidstore, some other more expensive we have tried the glue comes off when you peel it. the cheap stuff stays on the tape. All tapes are not created equal, shop around, then note the brand name on the inside when you find the right one.


    Todo es empezar.

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    Default tape

    I agree with andy on the tape. I've bought different cheap tape and have had mixed results, sometimes even with the exact same brand. I have found that the cheap ass plastic brown packing tape, which i can't seem to find anywhere anymore (cia conspiracy?), is the best. Maybe a store where shippers and packers buy their crap would have it.

    As for the emulsion, what remover are you using? I've found ulano #4 to be very effective. I got some screens from a friend that had them in her shop for like a year with her emulsion on it. Two attemps, both letting the remover sit for like 2 minutes, and it sprayed with my garden hose/bathroom sink setup. She was amazed and I think upset that I didn't have to restretch them.

    Just my 2 cents,

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    Jul 2004
    Seattle, WA


    Tape...rubber-based adhesive is good, acrylic-based adhesive bad. I get my tape from Uline, the big shipping supply guys. #S-661 is the stock number. 15 years of taping screens, this is the best stuff I've found...
    "That's the way I like it, baby, I don't wanna live forever - and don't forget the Joker." Lemmy

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    well after i order some new dehaze and possibly tape i am going to go soak that fucker in dehaze for an extended period and then blast it with a higher psi pressure wash that i have. i'm also going to call ulano and see how compatable TZ is with solvents..we'll see.

    jeeze the prints turned so good i hate it that all the effort is going into a fuckin dirty screen. and i want to print with vinyl ink again, despite its nastiness...
    thanks for the input and i'll keep you posted as to what happens..

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