Hey everybody,

I curated an art show back in the fall and I've been asked to do another one, this time by a member of the Mayor's arts council here in lovely Baltimore. This show will be focusing on posters (whereas the first one also had paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture and comix in it).

The working title is "Wild In The Streets" with the subtitle being something like "The Independent Spirit In Contemporary Rock and Political Posters".

I've already got a few artists lined up, and am building a bigger list. Thanks to gigposters I've found lots of great artists so far who I've approached/will be approaching.

Rock poster artists aren't as hard to find now (thanks to this site), but where I'm really having trouble is finding political posters.

I myself, happen to do both, and I'm just curious is any of you do also, OR if you know anyone you could suggest or put me in touch with.

The show will hang for two months in City Hall (yeah, a show called Wild In The Streets hanging in City Hall...weird) and the idea is to cover the walls from top to bottom with posters hung edge to edge like they are in the real world. I'm not framing work, and not accepting framed work. I want to challenge what is expected from a show that would hang in this location (which is one reason I was picked to do this show). Also, I like posters existing in their natural state.

Rock poster artists can feel free to contact me of course, but that half of the show is filling up fast...I want it to be balanced with the political posters ...so if anybody can help out in this area, please get in touch.