(just in case there are lurking mtlers here)

hi folks
yannick and i just found a really sweet deal on a comercial loft space in verdun
it's 1100 square feet , 750$ a month (heat , hydro , parking included - tax not included)
3rd floor in a nice building
freight elevator , loading docks , cafe
running water
bathrooms that are cleaned daily
2 parking spaces
close to monk metro

we are the process of buying an auto screenpress and need a place easier to acess then what we have
we are looking to share the space with other printers , painters, sculptors , anyone creative , honest and reliable who needs space to build/make things

(no you can't live or play music there)

anyone interested please email me at info at seripop dot com with shared space as the title
feel free to pass this info on to any artists , art students , clothing makers , set builders, photographers , printers, designers you know who are looking for a studio
could also be good as an office for record lable or something

we are quiet and keep things clean and we don't touch other people's gear.

ideally we'd love to share with a letterpress or litho printer or someone screening shirts , stickers ect so we could advertise as 2 diffrent printers under one roof