hey guys, i've been printing large run jobs and generally figuring out the bugs with this american tempo for the past couple of months. i think i have it pretty dialed in except for an issue with ink lay down on any color following the first. it almost appears like the ink has dried in the screen, but it's definitely not the case because it's almost every pull and it will be a different pattern. i've adjust the pressure and peel every which way which can tend to fix it with enough pressure, but i risk muddy edges and i've been wearing screens out less than 300 prints into a job. two passes will fix it but i know that it should be able to hammer it out fine with just one. maybe more off contact? i don't know, having a hard time wrapping my head around this one, any help is greatly appreciated. here's some pics of the issue-
the machine

this is about as bad as it gets and it's only on the left side of the bed, which is nice and flat and very clean.

here is a less crappy one

and one with two passes

any ideas?