I had some good luck posting here a year or two back and went on to hire one artist 3 different times and another artist twice. This is a different type of project though that doesn't really suit their styles so I am back to see who is out there with the goal being to form yet another on going relationship working and designing for us. We've made 4 Short films, One Spec video, One Tone Reel and multiple music videos already. With a feature film and more to go. So the work will be there if your style fits.

As for me, I am the Owner and Founder of an Austin Based LLC called Paper Street Pictures. We make small indie horror/thriller short films. Our last couple projects have played in festivals across the globe.

Unfortunately though, this one is more of a passion project and everything is out of pocket for us. So we don't have much of a budget. But hey at least we have *some* budget

Total cost we want to keep in the $200-$250 range here. And we are looking for something that has something of an aged look but with an edge. Something that can personalize the isolation and loneliness of our main character. But we can talk about all this if you think you'd be a good fit.

So drop me an email with examples of your work and what your range is. Thanks!

If you want to know more about us you can find information on our FB page:


You can also email me directly: aaron@paperstreetpictures.com