Hey kiddos! I need some recommendations. Short background: I'm an freelance designer (formerly their in-house designer) for a company who is mainly in the US but has one showroom in London that sells their goods. We occasionally have various notecard/greeting card & envelope projects that we print to send to our clients or use as showroom stationary.

I always have a horrible time finding online printers in the UK, and I can't figure out why. I'm looking for the UK equivalent of this site, where they custom print envelopes and there are a wide range of papers to choose from: 4over4.com

This company is also notoriously cheap when it comes to printing, otherwise I'd ask someone to silkscreen the damn things or go to an offset printer. They are also the worst print clients ever; here's what they want me to solve for them right now:

Custom printed envelope ("nice paper")
Size: to fit 5x7" US greeting card (that would be A7 size envelope)
1/0 address on back flap of card
QTY: 50
Deadline: "yesterday"
Anyway, if you know a place where I can have 50 non-standard-UK-sized envelopes printed for a "cheap price" on "nice paper" with a super fast turnaround, let me know! I've searched google for over an hour and I'm at my wits end. I could tell them "Fuck off and deal with it yourself" but they pay me really well to deal with their bullshit. I'd like to continue this pattern.