Hi! I've joined the Calligraphy contest on Spoonflower. The design I've created with the calligrapher Cecilia Boschi is the one with grey background, the text "CRASH" and the tea cups with black thunders.

We need your votes to win the contest and be published on Uppercase magazine, a very nice international calligraphy magazine.

If you want to help us here the steps to follow:

1) Visit http://www.spoonflower.com/contest_v...contest_id=277 ..a big gallery of patterns will be loaded. Isn't necessary to be registered on Spoonflower.
2) Browse the gallery until you'll find the pattern with the tea cups and the "crash" text (the pattern changes position in the page every time the page is loaded)
3) Click on the grey cicle with a "tick" symbol on the upper left of the pattern and a green border with a SELECTED text will appear over the pattern.
4) Click on "SUBMIT" button on the top right of the contest page
5) Will be loaded a "Thanks for voting!" page confirming your vote.

Thank you!