Hi there, I am setting up a home screen printing studio and am currently trying to find the proper amount of time to burn my screen for.

I started with a 200 watt incandescent and had some success, but it took an hour and 15 min to burn the screen. I was hoping to speed things up so I got a 500 watt halogen which I set up 24" above my screen. With the new bulb I tried a 20min exposure then a 10 min exposure which was still too long. I eventually tried 3 min which wasn't long enough.

In the end 6 min with the 500 watt halogen yielded an acceptable result, but here is my main concern: After having gone through this series of tests I was unable to reclaim my screens. I wasn't even able to reclaim the 3 min exposure after I put it aside for about 30min. It's worth noting that I had no problem reclaiming the screens which were exposed under the 200 watt incandescent.

I'm using speedball chemicals to reclaim the screens, I use a shower head to wash them out and clean/reclaim as I don't have a pressure washer. Does anyone know what might be going on here?