Here's what seems like a tricky one to me, all hypothetical. Let's say a friend of mine spent the last two years volunteering in a glorious print shop in a non-profit museum in exchange for use of the lab. The museum has told all volunteers they are no longer welcome but still wants to display all the posters printed there over the years to the public to make the lab look good and show what it's capable of. In a visibly symbolic act and to just be petty, the artists would like to take their posters down but the museum says they are theirs to do with what they want bc they were printed in their space on their tables. The question is, do the artists have the power to say the content of the posters is their intellectual property and they do not give the museum the right or permission to display their intellectual property? If so, does anybody have any good examples of the proper language to use in a letter?
Perturbed Milwaukee Serigrapher