My name is BK and I am a graphic designer. Working in this industry for the past 9 years has opened up my eyes to finding the true meaning of design. Like most designers, most of our work is often commercialized and our ideas are very restricted. Going through this each day led me wanting to try something new, different, and probably more meaningful compared to what I do at work. As I worked through these years by putting my talent to good use and to understand more about the industry, I have been reflecting on my life and came up with an idea to design an artwork that contains Chinese characters integrating with the “Seven Deadly Sins”. The following is the finished artwork that I’d designed.

Poster will print on 18in X 24in high quality premium matte paper and available on now

Hope you guys enjoy my art work

The Sketch of Seven Deadly Sins Background Pattern. (7 different patterns sketch for each sins)