We have a pretty badass washout booth in progress (pics to come later) and we ran into a bit of a snag. The space it's in plus the inability to move it after plumbing it makes it so we can't get behind it to change bulbs if they burn out.

Initially we were going to mount fluorescent ballasts on the wall behind it but the work around I'm thinking of is hanging some bright bulbs at different heights from a pulley/hook on the ceiling similar to this:

hanging light bulbs

That would allow us to pull the bulb cables up over the backsplash and change bulbs when necessary. Additionally, the backsplash will be frosted plexiglass so I'm assuming the light will be diffused/spread relatively easily...

Anyone have any experience using individual bulbs like this or comments or advice or a reason just to tell me I'm dumb and it won't work?

Thanks in advance!