Hi my name is Jeremy, I'm new to the site but have read a lot helpful information here and wanted to see if anyone could help me out.
I'm trying to print a white base layer using union aerotex super opaque white on a cotton shirt with a 156 mesh screen. Every test run I've tried hasn't worked so well, the ink clogs the screen after one pass and very little ink transfers to the shirt. After about 10 more passes and using a heat gun to flash, The image still does not fully fill in. I'm starting to run out of angels on how to approach it. I use both the catalyst and reducer, and have been adding more reducer in each test run to try to make the ink not stick in the screen.
So I'm running short of options and would appreciate anyone's advice. Although I've read that you can use 150 mesh when printing with this ink my only thought is that I'm using to high of a mesh count at 156 when printing such a large area.