I am new to the forums. Working on building a set-up in the basement for paper goods and such. I found a drafting table and set it up with speedball hinge clamps. Also made a little riser section with a 2x2 and a 1x2 for this specific job.

I've got a lady who had trouble finding a printer to print on small 2x2 blocks for baby shower invitations. I was up for the challenge and decided to go for it....little did i know.

So here's the photos:

Here's the set-up. I've got a little more than 1/8" of off contact on the blocks and I'm using a versatex ink that i believe is along the lines of the speedball ink. It has worked well in printing paper goods like invitations on cardstock and business cards on chipboard.

The problem I'm running into is the amount of misprints. We will print 4 sheets of cardstock and everything will look great, then as soon as we remove the paper that is sitting on top of the blocks the ink hits the blocks and just spreads outward making every other block look like shit.

We have it set so there is 2 rows of blocks, all 6 sides side by side so we only need one screen and can just rotate the blocks into each side printing 12 blocks at a time.

Some turn out great then the very next run is terrible.

So i'm just not sure where to go from here. We printed 24 blocks and had 7 turn out great. lol. so at this rate i'll need to order about 300 blocks in order to get the 100 that she needs for invites.

Maybe since the paper is printing great sitting on top of the blocks maybe i have too much off contact? it seems like if i press too hard on the squeegee when printing it spreads on the blocks and when i don't press hard enough it doesn't clear the screen. screen is 230 mesh with a 1/1 coating of the rlx emulsion from ulano. i believe it's the rlx. the water and solvent based resistant emulsion.

now after cleaning the screen multiple times i have little pinholes all over the place so i will need to re-coat the screen and expose the image again. just worried about when it's time to print. Any help or input would be great. it could very well be that i'm just not consistent with my printing and i just need to get it down smoothly, but when printing on the paper we bust them out perfectly without any issues.

thanks in advance.