This is a rather serious issue for the business and had only recently started to occur with order runs of over 50, mainly with black ink, but occasionally reds and blues.

I use Permaset Aqua inks (for Fabric) and the ink is persistently sticking to the screen.

It washes off in all areas of the screen aside from where the stencil was, where there is thin outline of where the image was. It's not a ghost, as that is an incredibly persistent and angering problem, but never affects later stencils, this however does, as this thin line actively blocks the mesh.

I have spoke to all my stockists of emulsion and cleaning products and they suggest sledgehammer tactics, very strong chemicals (the strongest they stock, I use kiwo, so in this case i was recommended a mix of Combi-Clean and Pregan Paste)

For me tho, it's a very expensive option and seems incredibly hard work just to be able to use a screen more than once after a long print run.

Has any one used these inks before, and encountered any similar problems? I know they have a very high pigment count (hence the horrendous screen staining)

Thanks anyway, i'm considering changing inks really, but it's hard to find decent water colour fabric inks in the UK.