The Goodfoot will have an art opening, Thurs July 25th. The show will be up until Aug. 26th. This months artists are Ali Schlicting, Derrick Villalpando, Lea Barozzi, Mario Robert.

Ali Schlicting is from portland, She studied art at osu. Ali work at a frame shop, manages the People's Art of Portland gallery and when not doing those things she try to paint pictures. "I like patterns. Patterns are everywhere in nature. Organisms all start with an organized blueprint that through growth become imperfect and unique expressions of those patterns. I like to mimic that idea in painting by starting out with the abstract idea of a pattern in my mind that, through layers of paint, grows to become an imperfect, organic pattern. Pattern. With this series I'm also thinking about the idea of consumption. Taking things from outside of ourselves and internalizing them for whatever benefit we perceive these external things to have.

Derrick Villalpando, is a Los Angeles born artist who went on to study illustration and design receiving his BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. He was inspired early on by cartoons and comic books and later on by Surrealism, Mexican murals, iconography and the vibrant art found throughout the streets of his native southern California hometown. He currently lives in Portland where he continues to pursue his passion for art and design.

Lea Barozzi's art work currently hangs in galleries around Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Lea started off as an actress in Los Angeles but after deciding that acting was not for her, she went back to school where she discovered art. Art spoke to her little black tortured punk rock heart in a away that acting never had. Now she is much happier painting demons than becoming them. Her graphic design projects include punk bands, coffee shops, foreign cities, and non-profit organizations. Her illustrations have been featured on cd covers, skateboards, jewelry and apparel. When she is not covered in oil paint, she also enjoys sucking at tennis, riding bikes, and beating her husband at pool. She currently lives in Portland with her husband, her boy, and her cat. The aesthetic world of Lea Barozzi is a purgatorial realm where a living fog sustains a sense of static tension and freezes the emotional states of its subjects in contemplative introspection. It is punctuated by symbolic props that engage the viewer with instant metaphorical recognition and elements of surprise which draw on our love of mystery. It is populated with little maidens and echoes of discarded dolls who are no strangers to loneliness but persevere to find their way in the dark out of the corners they have found themselves painted into. Lea's art helps us to explore the perils and peace in the isolation we all find ourselves reluctantly enjoying when no one else is there.*

*Mario Robert is a comic book junky. He shoots em up, fast balls them, and sometimes shotguns them down his throat. They enter his nightly dreams, his day dreams, and his wet dreams. Because of this, he has had his head in the clouds (or as some say, up his ass) since he was 5. Nothing makes him happier than a stack of unread comics. Inspired by this medium he has found the ultimate meditative state. His subject matter has never been his primary concern, but the act of working with his inner voices and fleshing out those relationships he creates with the muses flying in and out of his head. He is, always has been, and always will be a five year old with a beard.

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