I can relate to what you are saying Have been to a number of the 60s rock shows and thought the posters were great. But today's posters are great. I may not know the music of the newer bands (I am a Sr.) but I know a good design when I see it. As a New Yorker I am ashamed of the lack of posters coming out of the Big Apple. A couple of artists are in Brooklyn which is interesting, but I am not aware of much else!! Smith College should be doing a show of today's artists. I just purchased a slew of posters by one of my favorites and all I keep thinking is that she should have a big NY Museum show. All age groups should see this art I am sick of the "High" Art and want to see more of the "People's" Art. It is definitely important for example, for MoMA to exhibit Gig Posters. They have done so much for "The Poster" with numerous exhibits but haven't given any time and wall space to the incredible silkscreen artists of today. Personally, I have trouble believing how many incredible artists are producing excellent work. It will happen, guaranteed.