2nd Annual Maker’s Dozen
featuring Jeff Wood of Drowning Creek”
13 Lucky artists of different media and backgrounds exhibit together
Reception: Saturday, June 15th. 5-9pm.
Show runs June 15th – July 14th.
Gallery OPEN – Thurs-Sunday, NOON-6pm

The Maker’s Dozen is based off the Baker’s Dozen (a baked batch of goods composed of 13 components). Each artist has created 12 works for this show, presenting 12 mini-feature shows together at once, plus ONE feature Poster Artist (famed Drowning Creek/Jeff Wood). All original “makers” of their craft, each artist is unique and singular in their each of their focused and individualistic artistic visions.

Featured Poster artist of the Month – Jeff wood of Drowning Creek

Jeff Wood and Drowning Creek Studios began creating gig posters in 1994 for a club in Myrtle Beach called The Headroom. Now the studio works with large tour acts and festivals, as well as, mid-level and smaller acts. Steeped in the old school tradition of late 60’s design infused with digital wizardy, Drowning Creek has forged a new path in screen printed rock art. Primarily known for his multicolor screen printed posters that are printed in the studio, he is also fond of working in full color and outputs the posters on an in-house 12 color large format Canon fine art printer.

Maker’s Dozen Artists:

Angelito Surmon: Working in multi-media forms, Surmon’s landscaped vision is portrayed in paintings, kiln-formed glass and lithographs. Inspired by color, line, texture and movement, her beautiful meditations are shown in vivid imagery of natural forest scenes, evoking the senses of the serene while offering respite from the chaotic modern world.

Brett Bowers: Brett’s drawings, paintings and sculpture aim to express a musical division of space, a rhythmic structure of patterns transformed into abstract and figurative compositions. He works in paint and sculpture to create unique objects of experience, rather than modes of a static state.

Erika Lee Sears: As a native Portlander, Erika specializes in contemporary landscape, often reflecting the rural country side as well as the urban perspective. Her mode of story telling through painting examines her abundant utilization of pointillism and her precious attention to detail. Self taught, Erika works primarily in oil, gaining inspiration from her travels and her family.

Gary Hirsch: Originally from Ohio, Hirsch has been a creative staple in Portland for the last 20 years. His illustrative work stems from his childhood of nightmares (aka. Where The Wild Things Are), imagining giant hands from the attic, grabbing him out of his bed and swallowing him whole. Envisioned as an adult, these childhood nightmares have become a vast collection of improvisational cartoonish doodle puzzles of robots, creatures, and monsters, always playful and always original.

Janet Amundson Splidsboel: A long time Portland resident, Janet began painting late in life, finding a love for oil paint and encaustic/wax. Both time intensive mediums, Janet has explored a vast creation of both often creating figurative works with a live model. Her 19th century aesthetic is shown in the timeless women she portrays without the use of photographs or transfers, creating with a meticulous detail to her craft and vision.

Jason Edward Davis: Davis is a self-proclaimed “awkward painter who loves drunk kittens, sexy bears, angry whales and other horror movie characters.” A recent graduate of PNCA, Davis’ work runs the gamut, from cutesy illustration to vivid and emotive action painting. He definitely loves kittens.

Jen Berry: Working with paper and cardboard as a base, Jen creates mixed-media constructs of simple themes with a devout message of encouragement. Most of her work is recycled or found material. Her art career started as “free” gifts through the mail, which eventually led her to be featured on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat. Her mission is to fight depression and isolation by encouraging art as a restoration of faith.

Jodi Burton: Originally from Wisconsin, Jodi has been making art in Oregon for the last 30 years. Deriving inspiration from nature and the human form, she specializes in still life, figurative and landscape, often working plein air. Her works have been featured with The Oregon Society of Artists and she is an annual contributer to The Cascade Aids Project Juried Show.

Jonny Luczycki: After working in California as a professional plein air painter for the last 10 years, Jonny recently moved back to his hometown of Portland, Oregon. His visually staggering paintings are theme based, ranging from industrial and natural landscapes, to nude women and anything that strikes his wide-eyed vision. Inspired by Ron English, Jeremy Lipking and Mian Situ, his works are detailed, bright and exquisitely composed.

Julie Constanzo: A decade long professional artist, Julie’s works are always rich in color, creating amazing and life-like realism, based concretely in the world of design. Her oil paintings are mainly inspired by nature, always exploding with depth and color. She also works as a private commercial muralist, completing projects in many U.S. states.

Quin Sweetman: Originally from Minneapolis, Quin considers her plein air and impressionist works to be a extension of her observant nature. Inspired by the beauty of Oregon, she took up painting 8 years ago while moving to Portland and working for a gallery. She intuitively creates works to convey the unique energy of a subject, whether it be human, rock or building.

Rosy England Fisher: Working in scratchboard, watercolor and acrylic, Rosy has an exquisite attention for detail in her works. From the fantastic and mythological to realistic animal life, her work visits the celestial without leaving the ground. Her work is best reflected by a quote from Portland writer, Katherine Dunn, “It goes in streaks. But some things never go out of fashion. Hunger artists, fat folks, giants, and dog acts come and go, but real freaks never lose their appeal” (Geek Love).

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