Congrats to the following people who entered our draw for the Greenscreen starter kits at Flatstock:

Adam Hanson
Francisco Ramirez
Magnificent Beard

Adam, (or anyone who knows him) answer my email or get in touch, we can't send them to you without an address!

What's so special about the Greenscreen system?

- rip a screen at 10 pm Friday night and need a new one? 2 minutes later you have it ready to coat.
- Once you have the frame and tool, a restretch on a 23x31 will cost around $14, with no delay or shipping costs associated with sending frames for restretch, or ordering in new frames. replacement panels come in a lightweight small box.
- Mesh is quality swiss made Sefar 'e' mesh - much stronger and wear/stretch resistant than cheap Chinese mesh (you wonder why those bargain screens you buy rip so easy)
-change out a high mesh count for a low mesh count, and then reuse the older mesh. We also have reports of people successfully removing stencils and remounting them. How cool is that?

Join our facebook page and watch a vid of how to stretch them up.

Sizes 20x24, 24x28, 23x31, and 25x36. Mesh from 83-305. For pricing and ordering info go here:

Squeegeeville — Screenprinting Equipment