I'm an art school student from The Netherlands. I recently made my first gigposter for the band Psychic Ills and I'm working on a second one. For my graduation in illustration I'm doing a research about the musicposter. And thought this as the best place to gather information and experiences related to the music and gigposter. So I made a list of questions for you. I would appreciate it very, very much if some of you would like to answer these questions.

Thank you all!

What is the difference between a promotional musicposter and a silk screened musicposter?

What is the status of the gigposter in the US compared to Europe? What is the difference between the two?

Do you see the gigposter as a piece of art?

What is your opinion about the exceptional visual and creative quality in gigposters?

How do you see the future of the gigposter?

Can you earn your living designing gigposters?

(If you have other relevant information about the gigposter, do not hesitate to share!)