I am new to screen printing my posters. Still trying to get a hang of it.

I am printing an 18 x 24 poster. At the top is a large colored area.

My problem is the screen briefly sticks to the paper
. It releases after a half second, but it leaves a kind of halo mark where the screen was kissing the paper for too long. It looks like S_ _ t.

Possible causes:
Tension of squeegie against screen
Speed of squeegie
consistency of ink
tension of screen
size of screen wich is rather large, 47 x 55.
This is a second coat of ink on the paper through the screen. I didn't like the way it went down the first time, so am going over it. Not sure if the original coat (which is totally dry. It had been sitting for over a month) is making a surface that is aggrivating this situation.

TW Graphics waterbased ink (not flat ink, just normal)
I have an old Filbar semi automatic press, with a vaccum table which I mask off with taped down sheets of paper on the area that my poster does not cover.

Is there a common cause for the quick sticking of a screen down on sticky wet ink? I did a quick search of the forum but didn't see an answer.

Thanks for your help,