I'm one of those that uses quite a bit of the suite so Cloud was a good deal for me. Right when it launched they offered a deal to those that had CS to get a discount so I'm paying 29.99 until August I think. As mentioned before it is not a stop paying after you reach how much a program costs. What it does do, is you can upgrade and and all the new programs as soon as they are available. So when it's CS7 time, you just load the new version and continue paying. They also have things tied in for the price like Digital publishing suite so if you are looking into making digital books or mags, or in my case my digital portfolio, you can do so with indesign and the add-ons. A super bonus is that if you switch from PC to Mac, or MAC to PC, you can download the software you need. It also will let you put programs on 2 machines.