Hi everybody!! Long time, no posty posty (stupid Facebook)...

I wanted to let all you non-FB-GP peoples know that the lovely and talented Mark McCormick has succeeded in seducing me and together we will be moving to the Columbia River valley, 40 mins east of Portland at the end of April.

We are having a little say "see ya later" party at Second Chance Saloon in Brooklyn (where several illustrious GP artists have work displayed!) on Friday, April 19th, starting at 7pm until whenever I can't stand anymore or Mark stops me from destroying my liver and takes me home.

NYC has been a crazy ride and we've become friends with SO MANY TALENTED and AWESOME people that I don't even know where to start. From the first time I ever saw Chanks and Bootsy at an art show in Manhattan where I sheepishly introduced myself from GP, to the Regenade Craft Fairs and gallery openings Brooklyn Comic Con events and whiskey parties and best of all the GP meetups at Luther's shop on Atlantic ave...man, what a fuckin' trip. I wish I could hug all of you right now.

I am going to cry my eyes out from the 19th until we drive away in a Uhaul on the 21st (and probably halfway to Colorado), but I hope to see all of you in the area before we go. If not, you are ALWAYS welcome in our new home, and we will surely be back to visit at least once a year.

Soon to be new West Coast "neighbors"...see you at future Seattle Flatstocks!