Peoples Art of Portland, Po Boy Art/Jason Brown, and Chris Haberman presents…
featuring poster artists T-Bone and Aljax
Along with “Narratives” Portland artists Fred Swan, Kelly Williams, Rio Wrenn & Raithon Clay
Reception: Saturday, March 16th. 5-9pm.
Show runs March 16th – April 14th.

Featured Poster Artists of the Month
T-Bone and Aljaxx
We will have all of T-Bone and Aljax posters available online here
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We Are T-Bone & Aljaxx, Tony & Allen Jackson. This is a collection of our gig poster work from the past 4 years. We love art and design in all forms, from the master painters to the backs of cereal boxes, it’s something we’ve studied and entertained ourselves with since as far back as we can remember. We are heavily influenced by art and advertising that takes us on a visual journey, and more importantly, tells a story. We aim to do just that, take the viewer to a new place where the band presented is playing as its soundtrack. Each new poster is a transformation of our own styles to fit or explain to the viewer how we perceive the music we are representing. The music guides us through the process, the colors, the subject matter, even the weight of the line work are all dedications to the art we hear.

Fred Swan graduated from the University of Oregon majoring in art and later from the Graduate School of Social Work at PSU. He has lived in Oregon the majority of my life. Fred has four grown children. He is grateful for my life, grateful for every moment. Fred’s style is founded in what he considers ‘monkey brains’ (MB for short)…thoughts and ideas that pretty much jump from tree to tree on a constant basis. He likes to try different ways of expressing ideas. Fred likes the idea of stories being told from different perspectives. He’s done that in this show by trying to include pieces that have quite detailed messages, pieces that are large and simple, pieces small and vague , pieces that suggest losses, fears, hopes and wonder, pieces, that like stories, are both old and new. Fred paints in various mediums and is including in the “Narratives” show some of his current watercolors and several framed prints of western and wildlife themes painted three decades ago. Fred’s library series are pictures constructed out of recycled papers and boxes. The acrylic pieces in this show combine gels with marble and Mt. Saint Helen’s dust. The sculptures are the result of his MB noticing tree branches that he couldn’t help swinging over to in order to take a look. Fred has combined, in several pieces, my watercolors with encaustic medium, layering over his paintings and then incising lines, filling with wax, carving out, glazing with inks and waxing over again. The muted images of encaustic pieces, hinting of the sharp detail and substance that lies just under the surfaces of our experiences, provides me with an opportunity to find a balance between the visual and opinionated clarity Fred was so certain of as a youth and the nuances and more forgiving aspects of my perceptions as he is becoming older.

Kelly Williams is a Portland artist who is actively involved in the community. Her work has appeared in multiple galleries, businesses and publications both locally and nationally. She has a busy studio practice, also teaching in her West Burnside Studio. She also helps those who wish to explore their inner landscape or work through specific issues using encaustic painting as a cathartic medium in both private and small group sessions. “My work is often a symbolic narrative of some form. It is a progression of disentanglement, a developing of a story, layer by layer. It is only upon coming closer and becoming intimate does one experience the intricate textures, subtle imagery and imperfections that make up the whole. Often, secrets are hidden within the layers that add additional meaning to the final painting. The use of encaustic painting allows for the metaphorical layering, burning, burying and exposing that are all relevant to the deeper meaning of my work. This ancient medium being used in contemporary visual expression further supports the timeless messages and questions that I seek to explore.”

Raithon Clay is a local Portland, OR artist born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. He moved to Portland in 1998 to be involved in the local music scene. Little did he know how vast the local art scene was as well, which inspired him to express himself in many forms of art. Raithon finds and makes his own stencils and paint colors. Epoxy is also big in his work. Raithon’s studio “Woodrow Room” is where all creations are transformed when time allows. Music plays a big roll in his work. Raithon rides the sounds of the background, moving paint rhythmically over his subject to bring a feeling from inside out into the world. He try’s to let things flow which then gets represented on the medium at that time. Art by sound so to speak.I work in a variety of mediums often using materials others have overlooked to create something that will last forever. What he feels while his limbs are in motion is what will stay with him forever. Working on many pieces at the same time gives Raithon ideas for his next move. After a little bit he will go back and add his final touches, then the idea becomes clear. Raithon’s hope is that someone else can see and feel whatever they need from what has been created, a moment in time captured. Waiting to become alive in someone else's environment. Raithon currently lives and breathes in NE Portland with his son Bishop and wife Marcy.

Rio Wrenn has been dying fabric with natural dyes and rust for 13 years and she still feels like inspirations run fresh in her blood. It all started with a need to design functional objects such as furniture back in her college days at Cornish College of the Arts, and the University of Washington. Then there was the total obsession with using metal to create these objects of organic motion. So, Rio learned how to weld and cast iron, bronze and aluminum. Meanwhile, she was studying natural dyes and discovered that she could use iron to print with. This was the best thing that Rio ever stumbled upon.
Immediately, she knew that she wanted to dye textiles more and she had many years worth of work to give. After years of experimenting, inventing techniques and showing at
galleries; Rio decided that 2007 was her break out year to debut garments made with her rusting techniques. By 2009 Rio had started her own label R.A.W. A line of lingerie and loungewear that incorporated her dyed textiles into delicate underthings.
Rio’s main inspirations that run true for all her work is earth, plants, stones, spirit, balance, and the beauty that lies in unusual places; stepping inside and extracting that beauty for all to see.

We will have all of T-Bone and Aljax posters available online here after the opening
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