Hey dudes and chicas.

We all know that the spamaliciousness here is getting rough. There are 3 mods and Clay, and we all try to keep an eye out within our different time zones. But, there are a lot of posts and threads that we miss as the spammers get more sophisiticated.

Some of you GPers are awesome and report stuff frequently, but it seems like there are also a LOT of threads and posts that can be up and active for anywhere from 3 hours to 8 months.

I've been trying to go through each forum every morning and not only check for lame threads, but also for weird / spammy named "members" who have bumped old threads with spam.

However, there is no way for the mods to catch it all and it totally bums me out when I see a thread or a post by a spammer that went 100% unreported.

Use that report icon like bastards you bastards!

We'd rather get 45 reports than none at all. Be aggros on those hosers.