This afternoon I felt like a goddamn magician!

My wife and I pulled 25 pristine prints in just under 15 min. Why did we stop there? Well, that is all I had room to hang. Will crank out some more tomorrow. Wanted to give a HUGE mahalo (thank you) to AndyMac and the kind folks on this forum for your amazing info and support. The new vaccum table worked great, the paper was great, and the ink worked great. Main things noted today:

1 - while printing took 15 min, it took all day yesterday to set up (will go faster in future now that I've got things organized)

2 - I didn't order anywhere near enough ink. poop.

3 - I really, really, really gotta look into building/buying a proper drying rack. The clips worked fine, but it takes too long to hang prints in them, and I need more capacity.

Once again, Mahalo to you fine pushers of ink

Henrik "VanTiki"