I got super lazy this year when Super-Ron told me he was coming. But unfortunately, he has been informed that he is needed by the federal government. So..... efffff.
I NEED y'all!
PLEASE copy and paste your preferred time in this thread. Also please email me you phone number..
farleypig@gmail.com (no solicitors please)

Volunteers needed to work the API booth for FS 38 in Austin... If you have a couple hours during Flatstock here's when we need you:

Thurs March 14th:
1pm to 6pm

Friday March 15th:
11am to 2:30pm
2:30pm to 6pm

Saturday March 16th:
11am to 2:30pm
2:30pm to 6pm

*as you can see, I made the shifts a bit longer this year. i will be swamped (hopefully) and you can certainly get just as drunk on free API beer for a lil bit longer rather than deal with the mess that is outside.

Prefer 2 people each slot. Duties include selling poster tubes and API merch (tshirts, stickers, books), talking to people you don't know about API and guessing their back story, rolling and tubing posters on the special API rolling and tubing table, protecting microphone and tolerating Brits when they use said microphone to advert your tubes, drinking API-provided warm beer (GOOD, warm beer this year), manning artists booths when said artist needs to pee, withholding audible comments about unfortunate dress and attending the fs bbq (oh shit - have to figure that one out).

I also ask that artists be generous with a poster or 2 or merch for the volunteers since they are working for the good of your sorry asses.

Just let me know which spot you want or copy and paste this schedule with the times you would like to take (only the ones that aren't filled)