I am friends with a local band that is about to go on a small tour. Basically I will be volunteering my efforts to design the poster for them. I'll probably also be responsible for printing and maybe the cost of printing. I was thinking of starting small first and going with a 11x17 size. I know this might be a crappy choice, but would Kinko's be a cheaper option with this? The only other option that seems reasonable is UPrinting...which does 50 of them for around $50 shipped. The only thing is since I am designing this for free I would have to be sure to make back my money for printing them some how and anything extra would be nice. They have agreed that I could make a percentage back from each poster that sells at their show... but now I'm left to wonder how much do 11x17 posters usually cost at a local band's show (that will also be touring)? They draw a pretty good medium sized crowd. They said I could sell them at the merch table so I'll know how much of them are selling but I probably won't be around when they are touring...so there lies another problem that I would need to figure out what to do. Any advice on what you think I should do or suggest to the band? Maybe drop the whole idea all together?