The Goodfoot will have an art opening last Thurs. Jan 31st from 5-11pm.* The show will be up until Feb 26th.* This months artists are Christopher Michael Creath, Christopher Kelleher, Matt Schlosky, Nathan Turner.

Christopher Michael Creath

Heavily influenced by surrealism, exaggeration, and with an affinity for texture, both organic
and synthetic. Christopher Michael Creath’s paintings are often the result of a stream of
consciousness, and are rarely premeditated. A native Californian, Christopher has enjoyed
exploring some amazing locations, but has never felt more at home than he does living
here in Portland. Chris has worked as an animator, illustrator, painter, teacher, and has
shown in a few dozen galleries most notably “The Hive” Los Angeles CA,
“The Occupy Wall Street Art Show” NYC, and “Rough Around The Edges” Windsor CT.

"The interpretation of any visual representation is completely subjective, and claiming that I fully
understand my inspiration would be fallacy. Allowing ideas to develop without an overbearing
hand, produces the unexpected, and helps work out the unknown. If there is a larger purpose to
this self serving act of expression, it is to inspire thought, feeling, and create a dialog.....
Whether that feeling be hope, disillusionment, whimsy, despair, or glee; human experience is all
I can capture or recreate. Hopefully, in someway, this will help us to relate."

Christopher Kelleher
Christopher Kelleher’s art is based on movement, time and improvisation. When either painting
in his studio or at a live music performance, Chris explores a diverse array of mediums and styles while
striving to maintain an imaginative, honest and playful essence in his work. You can see Chris creating
paintings live to music in various venues throughout town or spy him painting in his studio window at
SE 45th and Hawthorne. His major influences include Chinese scroll paintings, extensive travel
throughout the United States, and above all else, music.

Matt Schlosky
Matt Schlosky’s art work reflects the world that dwells within the sub conscious. His work is inspired by myths,
ancient cultures, tribal art, nature, comic books, video games, Art Nuevo, Bauhaus, graffiti, life, love, stress and
setbacks. One of the greatest aspects of creative expression, is the ability show the world your unique perspective.
That’s what Matt spends his days doing.

Nathan Turner
Robot 85 was first developed in 2004, with a simple doodle in the side column of a notebook.
Nathan Turner, has transformed that doodle, into his passion. Over 250 robots later, with
expressions in several mediums such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture, the robots have
become an expression of our times and those of us within them. Predominantly a painter,
Nathan strives for constant evolution among his characters and narratives through a
combination of techniques in painting including both acrylic and spray paint for a crisp, clean,
and graphic product. Conceptually, the robots are representative figures depicting human
emotions through expressive gestures and carefully considered compositions, while channeling
the human experience in mechanical form. For those of us who want more from life than to
merely exist, there comes a point when living with your dreams on hold is not really living.
These works are an expression of dreams mixed with the opposition of reality and the
emotions which confront us all.

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