I work from home right now ícause Iím poor, and have half of this pretty small studio room to myself, the other half is for my wifeís pattern drafting table. So fitting what I needed into this space was difficult, but eventually i got it worked out.
I only have some photos from after I had built the basic frame of my exposure/paper storage unit. But here it is sans shelves, lights, screens and a huge piece of glass! The top measures 45″ x 55″, just for scale.

Here are the light fixtures installed but not fully wired, I got the cheapest twin bulb fixtures and ballasts I could find. You will notice I painted the inside of the exposure unit matte white, this is to increase reflectivity, itís debatable whether it really makes a difference. But it wouldnít hurt, so I did it.

Bulbs installed, I use unfiltered UV bulbs.

The next step is putting the glass on the top edge, over the lights. Then I built the top vacuum lid out of 3mm neoprene and a simple wooden frame. I donít have any pictures of that process. But it all works with a household vacuum, for those of you I have not lost at this point.
Here is the unit with a bunch of shit in it. Youíll notice my screens are vertical, yes I dry my screens vertically and not horizontally, I haven't ever had any problems doing it this way. The right side of the unit is paper storage for me, I had no way of storing paper flat, so this worked perfectly. For now.
This whole thing is on wheels btw.

Here is my ďprinting pressĒ, which is just my drafting table that I have converted into a vacuum press. You can see the hinge clamps to the right, and in the back right corner you will see a little black switch, this actually lines up with my screen frame and turns the vacuum on and off when printing. Again, just with a household vacuum that plugs in through the bottom of the table.
I still draw at this table, because of limited space, so I simply pull it away from the wall when I am going to print, it all works rather well!

I have yet to set up a counterweight system, that's next.

And here is the whole studio, you can see itís pretty cramped! And we need to frame a bunch of artwork I have, them walls are far too white.