We are trying to make large volumes of wooden signs (2,000 signs actually). They are just simple wooden signs that are painted and then they just have font on them. For instance some say "Welcome To Our Home" with a 2" lettering and a simple font like tahoma.

I saw a company making these with a paint roller ( I'm guessing this would act as the squeegee) and 200 mesh screen. They were using regular house paint but I don't know what else they were putting in the paint.

I have a 200 mesh screen and a small foam paint roller which is used for painting cabinets. The roller they were using appeared to be larger but I don't think this would make a huge difference.

The first test run didn't work so well. I tried regular paint from the can and floetrol. The paint was too thin and made a terrible mess when we did the lettering. It was too thin so the lettering was flooded.

The second test run I used an old thick grey paint that had to be spooned out onto a peice of cardboard. I added a little floetrol to it. This kept the lettering from bleeding.....It made a pretty decent letter but the lettering has little bubbles all through it. It's not a solid letter. It has little holes all inside the lettering.

Does anybody know how to stop this?

Obviously I'm not going to have much of the old thick paint so I will need to use something to thicken new paint. I read on here I could mix it with speedball ink. I also read online there is a paint thickener that I could use for water based latex paint....Which is what I am using...

Any suggestions? Is there a certain brand of paint you guys have been using with good results?