Well another year has come and gone and I still believe in this website. It's kind of weird that when alot of us veterans use to get on here and chat it up and it was a great place to get to know people that have this thing inside that tells us to keep doing what we love. Before this website I thought I was a dying bread and that nobody really gave a shit that I still used a pencil and sketched stuff out.
I have alot of you as facebook friends and I guess what we use to have here was a community of artist that had a place and now that we are all on facebook it's different, almost like it not just the gigiposter people (friends). Now it's all your other friends and family too and I guess this place use to be kind of an escape from all of that. Not sure if I'm making any sense but I think some of you know what I mean.
Love you all and Clay,..your still the best