Peoples Art of Portland, Po Boy Art/Jason Brown, Settlement Galleries and Chris Haberman presents…

Reception: Saturday, January 19th. 5-9pm.*
Show runs January 19th – February 8th.*
Gallery OPEN – Thurs-Sunday, NOON-6pm.
Featuring works by staff, volunteers, owners and resident Portland artists
SPECIAL FEATURE – Front Gallery:* Patrice Demmon- in retrospect

Our gallery slogan is “For Artists, By Artists” – and this show defines what we do. Every January we like to show the art of who makes our gallery operate – the core people of Peoples’ Gallery, from volunteers to staff and resident artists to the owners/curators themselves.* As an ALL ARTIST run gallery, Peoples Art of Portland consists of 20 plus working Portland artists, helping to show over 1000 artists annually.* This show is a selection of work by these 20 + artists, including Brin Levinson, Kendra Binney, Chris Haberman, Jason Brown, Ali Schlicting, Emily Bates, EMEK, GUYBURWELL, Gary Houston and many more.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Front Gallery:* Patrice Demmon- in retrospect
As one of our staff artists, Patrice’s selected works since 1965 will be featured in the entrance of the gallery.* Demmon is a core member and senior artist in the community, working as a volunteer and as a mentor to many younger artists at Peoples. (Patrice Demmon, Bio below)
Artist Bio: Patrice Demmon-Patrice started painting seriously in high school, which she attended in Tokyo, Japan in the late 1950s. She has shown her work in Oregon, New Mexico and California for 30+ years. Her entrepreneurial activities included managing art galleries in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. She has been a professional model, a graphic designer, a large event manager and fundraiser, an interior designer and renovator and has managed several restaurants in her varied professional career. Patrice was campaign coordinator for a Portland City Council person, managing a 500 person volunteer organization. Currently, Patrice is affiliated with*Peoples Art of Portland, teaches art to elders on a regular basis and has recently folded her 13,000th origami crane.* This retrospective show of 40 plus works stems from 1965 to the present, showing a glimpse of Patrice’s artistic endeavors.*

Featured Poster Artists of the Month – Orange Poster Pods:*
Gary Houston, GUYBURWELL and EMEK
Peoples Gallery features a nationally recognized poster artist each month. This month’s artists are resident posters artists of the gallery.*

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The Peoples Art of Portland
Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005
Settlement Galleries
Pioneer Square Mall, downtown Portland
open Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
Curated/Owned by:
Chris Haberman:
Jason Brown:
Managed by:*
Ali Schlicting:*
Always All Ages.* In league with Settlement Galleries – Pioneer Place Mall. (Peoples Art of Portland, Place, and Mark Woolley). Refreshments provided by Burnside Brewing.
Show Info: The Peoples Art of Portland
Peoples Art of Portland Gallery*Gallery has been active since November 2010, a partnership between freelance curator Chris Haberman (formerly Milepost 5, Olympic Mills Commerce Center) and Jason Brown (PoBoy, Goodfoot Gallery).* It is a project of gallery spaces (named The Settlement) gifted to the selected curators from GGP, the management company for Pioneer Place Mall.** Since its inception, the galleries have been well traveled; showing 1000’s of Portland artists in a very unique and professional setting, hosting events from local organizations and institutions such as PNCA to the Oregon Art Education Association, to recently a permanent gallery space with long time Portland icon, Mark Woolley.*
Annual shows at Peoples’ Gallery include “The Love of Portland”, the celebrated “Big 300” and resident international poster artist, EMEK. *Future 2013 shows include a feature show by international artist Chuck Sperry (August), and an all inclusive look at all artists shown on TV show Portlandia (May), as well as many returning annual shows.
We love the mall and its accessibility to anyone the open market place allows.* Art doesn’t have to be hard to see, or backed by white walls, it can be simple in its beauty and cultural appeal – its as easy as walking into a mall.*
upcoming art events
Every Sun Drink & Draw - at the Goodfoot

you can now view and purchase most everything from the "The Art of Musical Maintenance 9" rock poster show at Goodfoot here
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over 300 posters, will be adding more in the coming weeks
Don't forget to pick up one of Furturtle's posters for the show here
“Art of Musical Maintenance 9” — A Slikscreen Print by Furturtle at Goodfoot Gallery

Alan Forbes, Alan Hynes, Anville ,Ben Wilson, Billy Perkins, Brad Klausen, Brian Methe, Carisa Lu Von Gasser, Casey Burns, Chris Haberman, Chris Shaw, Craig Horky, Dan Stiles, David D'Andrea, *David Welker, Dirty Donny, DKNG studio, *Drowning Creek, EMEK, Furturtle, *Gary Houston, Gigart, GUYBURWELL, Jay Ryan, John Howard, John Vogl, *Justin Hampton, Justin Helton, Justin Santora, Let's Go! Geoff, Let's Go! Heidi, Lil Tuffy, Lindsey Kuhn, Marq Spusta, Nate Duval, Powerslide Design, *Rob Jones, T-Bone & Aljaxx, Tim Doyle, Todd Slater, Tyler Stout, Uncle Charlie.*