I'm new here but I have been looking at all of the exposure unit threads. I plan on building a unit about 4 feet long and roughly 3 feet wide, using six 4ft tubes. I have been researching which bulbs to use and have a pretty good idea of what I need. I was looking at the F40T12BL (would order online, can't find them in stores) since the general opinion is that unfiltered black lights are the way to go. However I have heard mixed opinions on whether or not the filtered black light bulbs (which can be easily found in stores) will work. I was also wondering if the F40 Plant/Aquarium bulbs from GE would give off enough UV for exposing. I'm trying to keep my exposure times in the 3-5 minute range. Just want to make sure I am getting the right stuff before placing an order. I was planning on using fixtures that have a plug on the end, hooking them all up to a power strip and running them that way (not sure if that would trip a circuit). I'm also aware of the need for non-protected glass.