Hey folks,

It looks like we'll be taking a job that involves cutting circles of paper. The basic idea is a miniature (3x3") LP jacket, with a removable paper circle that contains a download code for an album. Cutting the jackets will be tedious, but we're pretty sure we're up to the task -- nothing that a ruler and an x-acto can't handle.

The little paper records, though, are another story. What's the easiest way to cut nice, clean circles out of 110# paper? Craft/scrapbooking stores have all kinds of little gadgets for doing this, and I realized just now that if you use an x-acto instead of a pencil, even a compass from a geometry set would maybe work.

We'd rather do the work ourselves instead of trying to find some place with a die cutter -- it's only going to be around 100 circles, and since the jackets are 3x3", the circles would have to be slightly smaller (say 2.75-2.9"), which die cutting places might not have on hand anyway.

TL;DR. How does everyone cut their circles?