The National Poster Retrospecticus is gearing up to hit the road next Spring and we're in the last 50+ hours of our fundraising efforts on KickStarter. National Poster Retrospecticus Tour 2013 by Pat Falco — Kickstarter

In April of 2013 we're taking 300+ gigposters on the road to Burlington, Rochester, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Richmond and Boston. Each show is one night only and will feature awesome guest appearances / talks / performances / and more!

The tour is not-for-profit in the sense that we're only looking to recover our costs once the tour is over. We're raising money now to help us get the ball rolling. Promotion, shipping and travel are our biggest expenses. We'll be printing posters for each show and packing a van with thousands of prints! The NPR tour poster series itself features three color prints for each city made by Dan Danger, Dan McCarthy, Aesthetic Apparatus, Doe Eyed, Two Arms, Landland, The Large Mammal and myself.

If you're able to help donate to the tour we'd really appreciate your help. If you can't we sure hope to see you at one of the shows! Stay tuned for more info!