Hi Gang,

So I know I haven't really been an active member of this board for over five years now but damnit, I used to spend most days on here and I did meet a lot of you. Hello Jay, Frank, Allison, Jermaine, David, AA, Tom, Brad.. all of the old timers from way back. Hello!

Just thought I'd let everyone know that my first book "Brewing in Seattle" was released by Arcadia Publishing a few weeks ago. It's the first book on the history of beer in Seattle. Took me about two years to research, collect photos and write and I'm pretty proud of it. features over 200 photos and tells the history of Seattle beer from the first brewery in 1864 up to today's craft beer boom.

So, if yer interested, you can grab it on amazon, just search, "Brewing in Seattle" "Kurt Stream" or you can cut the middle man and grab a signed copy from me directly at

Brewing in Seattle (Images of America) By Kurt Stream

oh, and here's a little radio interview I did for one of the network morning radio stations a few weeks ago.

"Brewing in Seattle" | KOMO Radio Featured Stories | Seattle News, Weather and Traffic | KOMO Newsradio FM 97.7/AM 1000

Sure, the subject of beer in Seattle probably has little interest to most of you. But many of you have been in Seattle and have had a beer and kind of remember me, so why not?

Hope everyone is doing well.