Peoples Art of Portland, Po Boy Art/Jason Brown, and Chris Haberman presents…

"The Art of Guy Burwell and 2nd Anniversary Best of Peoples’ Gallery Group Show”

Reception: Saturday, November 17th - 5-9pm.
Show runs November 17th-November 29th.
Peoples Gallery is open Thurs-Sunday, NOON-6pm.
HOLIDAY HOURS: (starting Black Friday Nov. 23rd)
Tues-Sunday, NOON-6pm.

POSTER POD GALLERY: This month we feature the works of Portland based international artist GUYBURWELL

GUYBURWELL's distinctive line work can be like a kick in the teeth, all hard lines and action, giving the impression that the art might cut your skin if you get too close. At other times, he can fill the lines with helium, floating the images just beyond the grip of reality in pools of color that aren't meant to coexist peacefully. Any which way you approach the images, give them a good close look because there are things to see well beyond the cursory glance. But never. Ever. Turn your back on them. If you want flat, boring, empty, meaningless, common, pseudo contemporary counter culture corn, you can get that anywhere. For GUYBURWELL, you can only come to the source."

-M. E. Cargill - PORTLAND 2008

"My paintings and illustrations don't handle serious topics in a head-on manner. Some of them have underlying currents that project my own skewed sense of humor on a certain topical notion. Sometimes the work makes a wry comment on social issues in the undercurrents of a piece. I try to go for 'fun' or 'cool' in my work and that seems to hit the right chords with my viewers. The point is often left to be discovered in it's own time, the proper details surfacing to coherence over time. You're sitting on the couch two years later and you realize: hey, that fellow in the painting is picking his nose! Things like that. Smart stuff. With heart."

"I am a commercial artist, foremost, and bring a degree of popular class appeal to everything I do. Ultimately I want to produce what I want to produce, whatever the venue, outlet, medium. I work constantly, be it for pay or pleasure, day in and day out. All day every day. Home or away, I am always thinking about work. It's not manic, but it's always there. I have a photograph of myself on my wall, age three or four or five, bent in concentration over a sheet of paper, pencil nub in hand, and it's been a constant reminder, and an ideal to live up to. Who wouldn't want to do this? Nobody, that's who." -GB

MAIN GALLERY: This month at Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, we celebrate our 2nd anniversary as Peoples Gallery in Pioneer Place Mall with “The Best of Peoples” group art show, featuring work from 60 artists that have been exhibiting with us for the last 2 years. The show is a short run exhibition to precede our largest show of the year, The Big 300 in December (More info below).

The Best of Peoples’ Gallery
(List of Participating Artists)
Ali Schlicting, Alea Bone, Allison Bruns, Andy Vanoverberghe, Anna Magruder, Azad Sadjadi, Beth Myrick, Brad Hamers, Brett Superstar, Brin Levinson, Brooke Weston, BT Livermore, Cathie Joy Young, Chris Haberman, Chris Kelleher, Chuck Bloom, Rachel Austin, Dan Ness, Darlene Schaper, David D’Andrea, EMEK, Emily Bates, Erin Nations, Janet Amundson-Splidsboel, Jason Brown, Heidi Elise Wirz, Heide Davis, Jen Berry, Jennifer Griffo, Jeremy Schultz, Joel Barber, John Kelting, Jonathan Hill-Jacquard, Joshua Abraham, Kelly Keigwin, Kelly Williams, Kendra Binney, Kendra Crick, Kyle Gossman, Larry Christensen, Lucia Johnson, Malynda Shook, Matt Schlosky, Mona Superhero, Mario Robert, Melissa Dow, Mike Trapp, Fred Swan, Michael Costello, Mike Trapp, Mr. Say, Patrice Demmon, Quin Sweetman, Raithon Clay, Roger Lealamanua, Ronni Kobrin, Sam Arneson, Scott Chase, Sean Croghan, Stephanie Manton, Tanya Herrera, Theresa Andreas-O’Leary, Todd Hinchman, Tripper Dungan, Linda Womack, Tim Combs, Wellie Glenn, Yo Mutsu, Zimbabwe Artists Project, and many more…

Free beer by Burnside Brewery.
Sonic innovation by DJ Adam B Vitamin (Adam Bailey)

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Peoples Art of Portland Gallery
700 SW Fifth (3rd floor) People's is Suite 4005
Settlement Galleries, Pioneer Place Mall,
downtown Portland, Oregon
open Thurs-Sun 12-6pm
Show Info: The Peoples Art of Portland

Always All Ages. In league with Settlement Galleries – Pioneer Place Mall. (Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, Place Galleries, and Mark Woolley Gallery at Pioneer).
Refreshments provided by Burnside Brewing.

Peoples Art of Portland Gallery: For Artists. By artists.

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Alan Forbes, Alan Hynes, Anville ,Ben Wilson, Billy Perkins, Brad Klausen, Brian Methe, Carisa Lu Von Gasser, Casey Burns, Chris Haberman, Chris Shaw, Craig Horky, Dan Stiles, David D'Andrea, David Welker, Dirty Donny, DKNG studio, Drowning Creek, EMEK, Furturtle, Gary Houston, Gigart, GUYBURWELL, Jay Ryan, John Howard, John Vogl, Justin Hampton, Justin Helton, Justin Santora, Let's Go! Geoff, Let's Go! Heidi, Lil Tuffy, Lindsey Kuhn, Marq Spusta, Nate Duval, Powerslide Design, Rob Jones, T-Bone & Aljaxx, Tim Doyle, Todd Slater, Tyler Stout, Uncle Charlie.