"I am, therefore I think" at the goodfoot. It's part illustrative memoir, part social commentary. The work displays imagery any were from praying to beer to genetic engineering. There are around s 100 artists with over 300 works, and a varied of mediums (etching, painting, mixed media, photography, etc). Opens Last Thursday, Oct 25th from 5-12 pm, show up until Nov 27th.

Ace Troy
Adam Sheppard
Alea Bone
Ali Schlicting
allen schmertzler
Allison Bruns
Andy Vanoverberghe
Ania Palinska
Anna Magruder
Anthony DeLand
Ashley Costa
Azad Sadjadi
Beth Myrick
Brent Wick
Brin Levinson
Chris Haberman
Christopher Creath
Chuck Bloom
colby dahlstrom
Dan Ness
Dan Pillers
Darlene Schaper
Derrick Villalpando
Drexier McStyles
Emily Bates
Erika Lee Sears
Erin Nations
Fred Swan
Grant Johnson
Heidi Elise Wirz
Hunter Armstrong
Jacob Poe
Jason Graham
Jen Berry
Jennifer Griffo
Jeremy Schultz
Jess Reno
Joel Barber
John Hoar
Jonathon Hill-Jacquard
Jonny Luczycki
Joshua Abraham
Kayla Newell
Kendra Binney
Kyle Gossman
Larry Christensen
Luke Martin
Mario Robert
Mark Zimmerman
Marq Spusta
Matt Schlosky
Mike McGovern
Mike Trapp
Mr Riddle
Mr. Say
Nate Luna
Nathan Turner
Neil Perry
New Colony
Omar Pleitez
Peach Momoko
Rachael Bentz
Raithon Clay
Rich Young
Rick Marcks
Robin Sandler
Scott Chase
Steven Thomas
Summer Hatfield
Susannah Kelly
Sylvia Mann
Tanya Herrera
Tatyana Ostapenko
Terence Healy
Terra DeHart
Todd Hinchman
Todd Walberg
Tonty Deland
Uncle Charlie
Wellen Glenn
Yo Mutsu

You can view and purchase art from the entire show after Sun, Oct 28th
88 strong at Goodfoot Gallery.
Current show is there now.

facebook event here

The goodfoot
2845 SE Stark
oodfoot on facebook*http://on.fb.me/JupSf9
88 strong at Goodfoot Gallery
open daily 5-2:30

upcoming art events
Every Sun Drink & Draw - at the Goodfoot