Yes! indeed.

We just set up a printing table (a swiss 'frenke' of reasonably large format (70cmx100cm) one armed manual with parallel frame lift etc... etc...) that has been stored for around 3 years on a shipping-pallet ON ITS SIDE.
all is sweet EXCEPT the vacuum printing plate has developed an upward bulge.... so I've dismantled it and it seemed to have been under considerable pressure within its tabletop-frame. (shipping containers get hot!)
The bulge seems to stay and it looks as if i have no option but to replace it.

Q: what material do people here recommend?

It has to take solvent and water based based inks and the usual high-use abuse, and come in 10mm thickness

I can't identify the stuff that was used for the old one, looks like some high density stuff similar to old power board type bakelite... aluminum is a possibility...

any ideas?