Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, Po Boy Art/Jason Brown, and Chris Haberman presents…
"2nd Annual RockPaperPdx”
First Thursday Reception at PCPA: Thursday, October 4th, 5-8pm
Show runs October 4th-30th.
At the Portland Center for the Performing Arts Bar Gallery
1111 SW Broadway

RockPaperPdx 2012 Artists are:
Dan Stiles
David D’Andrea
Gary Houston
Guy Burwell
Justin Hampton
Lee Zeman

Portland based music poster artist series

Why Rock Paper Pdx? Portland, Oregon has become a nexus for poster-talent in the last 10 years. Some of the top artists in the licensed music industry of graphic design live and work here. This is a great selection of 7 of the top poster professionals that call Portland home, making art for national acts, as well as producing art prints and other graphic projects as commercial designers.

This show is guest curated for PCPA by locally owned Peoples Art of Portland Gallery, in Pioneer Place Mall.

Dan Stiles
What Dan is trying to do with his design is to say as much as he can by using as little as he can. He try's to pare down the idea and the form to its essence. Dan feels that visually the work is bolder that way. Posters should be bold and you are supposed to be able to see them from across the street. He also finds that once you strip off all the fluff you find out if your idea is any good or not.

David D' Andrea
David D’Andrea melds the draftsmanship of turn of the century illustrators, the hallucinatory
vibe of the 60s masters, and an organic pen and ink style that is unmistakably his own. His illustrations seethe with sinuous, accomplished line work and intentional rough edges. He draws from a variety of eclectic influences which show in the work: archaic lettering, obsessively detailed renderings of animals, and elements from numerous religions and cultures. His passion for the music/artist collaboration runs deep. It may be personified best by his ongoing series with the band OM, which shows the spiritual connection between an illustrator and the music as a circle of inspiration that spins infinitely, the Ouroboros.

Emek has been referred to as "The Thinking Man's Poster Artist". Coming from a unique family of 5 artists, Emek has made his mark creating special limited edition silkscreen posters for live concerts around the world. Emek’ style thrives on attention to detail, coupled with layers of meaning in the artwork. His infusion of socio-political commentary into pop culture imagery has made his work instantly recognizable in the field. Emphasizing craftsmanship, his work is mostly hand-drawn in the tradition of the classic psychedelic posters from the 1960's. Born in the 70's Emek was also strongly influenced by the DIY punk flyers of the 80’s. "I appreciate the creative freedom this medium allows me because the bands generally give me total freedom as long as I advertise the show info. I am allowed to dip into the recesses of my imagination and see what spills out onto the page. This allows me to be my own art director and I am able to experiment with different concepts and styles to keep things fresh. Today's disposable culture paves the way for tomorrows collectable nostalgia...I'm just trying to make it interesting" Over the last 2 decades, Emek has created hundreds of posters for some of the top alternative bands and events, like Radiohead, Coachella, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, System of a Down, Jane's Addiction, The Flaming Lips, to name a few, as well as album covers from Neil Young and Pearl Jam to Henry Rollins and Erykah Badu. Emek's work has been shown in galleries across the United States, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Belgium and Canada. He has been interviewed on CNN, featured in dozens of magazines and books, including covers of Juxtapoz magazine.

Gary Houston
Long time Portland based Gary Houston, is well known as the “Blues Fest” poster artist of Portland and for his illustration company, Voodoo Catbox. Posters at Voodoo Catbox are pretty much hand made using traditional methods i.e. scratch board illustration or hand cut rubylith, and then hand pulled.

GUYBURWELL (King of the Wild Frontier) is an illustrator and painter and, more recently, a print maker currently living in Portland, Oregon. Known (yeah, right) for the flair of his line work, the odd and random scrapes, blunt ends and positive chaos with negative space, his work is organic at its root and full of pasty skinned naked red haired men on the surface.

Justin Hampton
Justin Hampton creates high impact imagery and is renowned as one of the leaders in the modern rock poster scene earning him international attention. His bold line work and sublime color palette mixed with a vivid imagination are unmistakable. His work can be seen in various galleries in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as in the U.S.

Lee Zeman
You're either busy making art, or you're busy dying.

Curated by Peoples Gallery CONTACT, owners/curators:
Chris Haberman ( chrishabermanart@gmail.com)
Jason Brown (jbrown@poboyart.com)

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